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Orbeez Magic Maker Orbeez Maker Toy

Want to know what kids will be begging for this holiday season? When you think along with the video games and bikes their lists to Santa will contain…Must be Orbeez Magic Maker!


Orbeez Magic Maker is one of the most requested Toy on this Christmas Season. Might be a right choice to buy as a Gift for your kids


Basically Orbeez come as tiny colorful beads that grow larger when soaked in water. In addition to the cute name, Orbeez Maker Toy have a number of reasons to love them.



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Orbeez Magic Maker Review

Orbeez Magic MakerFirst, it’s kinda like a science experiment. Kids will love putting the Orbeez beads in water and watching them grow 100 times their original volume! Second, once the Orbeez have absorbed water they become squishy and very very bouncy!


Tons of games like bouncing them into a cup or seeing which ones bounce higher will keep kids entertained for hours. Third, Orbeez have a jewel-like glow to them that is really pretty. There are a number of sets with unique display cases allowing you to create “Orbeez art.” Even adults can use them in vases for flower arranging.


The mother of all Orbeez sets has to be the Magic Orbeez Maker Toy. This thing is like an Orbeez factory, complete with grow tank and elevator and whirly spiral tube that spills Orbeez into a display tray. On reviewing Orbeez a lot of parents liked the Orbeez sets because they are good to travel with. They are small so they pack easily, they aren’t messy accept for a bit of water and if they get lost in the car or the hotel room they just shrink back into beads again.


So don’t be surprised when your kids beg for Orbeez

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